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Customer’s Name and Address

Various cities, counties, and individuals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama


Project Name and Location

Continuing Education Training for Water and Wastewater Treatment Operators

Florida, Georgia, and Alabama


Contract Number

Project & Task Number:  N/A


Brief Description of Project

State governments require certified operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities to obtain continuing education training in order to maintain their professional licenses.  M&P Services has developed and teaches six approved courses:  Handling Procedures for Hazardous Materials, Activated Sludge Process Control, Pertinent Environmental Regulations for the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Laboratory and Sampling Procedures, and Mathematics of the Treatment Process.  Each course is approved by the states for 1 CEU. 


Type of Contract: Fixed/variable


Firm Fixed Price


Nature of M&P’s



M&P Services International Corporation functions as the “Sponsor” responsible for all training aspects.  The University of Florida acts as the “Provider” coordinating course approval and CEU database management for the state.


Point of Contact, Address, Phone & e-mail


Katherine L. Russell, President

7725 Sunfish Lane

Milton, Florida 32583

Tel: (850) 529-8734


M&P’s Project Manager and Responsibilities


Ms. Russell is the instructor and is also responsible for course development and coordination.


List of Subcontractors Used (including % of participation)




Period of Performance


April 2001 through Present


Completion Date



Project Cost

$ 50,000  ($250 per person per CEU)


Problems Encountered and Corrective Actions Taken


No significant problems and no corrective actions needed. 





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    7725 Sunfish Lane
    Milton, Florida 32583
    USA           Tel: (850) 529-8733   



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