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DATE OF EMPLOYMENT: September 10, 1999

TITLE: President/ Program Manager

Tel: (850) 529-8733





B.S. – University of Memphis; Memphis, Tennessee, 1966

Major: Communication




  • Four college-level textbooks covering site planning; construction methods; construction equipment; architectural/planning graphics.

  • Three books on home improvement and construction topics for the trade market.

  • Homeowner and general articles for national, city, and regional magazines.




American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Santa Rosa Historical Society

Pensacola Heritage Foundation




1999 – PresentM&P Services International Corporation, Milton, Florida


  • Over thirty years experience in the development and construction disciplines: marketing; site planning; financing; construction; inspection; specification writing; sales; renting and leasing of properties; the whole spectrum of development activities in the private, public and military sectors. At M&P Services, coordinates the interfacing of environmental, cultural, historical, and other non-construction aspects of projects with their construction and functional requirements; assists with technical and writing and editing aspects of all documents; assists with budget planning of the projects and of M&P Services.


1999 – Science Application International Corporation, Shalimar, Florida


  • Technical writer/editor for the Tyndall AFB, Florida, Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the proposed location of F-22 Fighters at Tyndall.


  • Project Manager for various Air Force environmental documents including Environmental Assessments, Permits, Bombing Range Projects.


1994 – 1997 – Vinnel Brown and Root Corporation, Incirlik, Turkey


  • Civil engineering/environmental work at Incirlik Air Force base, Turkey included: Project Engineer, Contract Programmer, Job Order Contract (JOC) Manager (a Corps of Engineers program). Responsible for overall project management, cost estimates, approval of payment and budget control of many base projects including sports facilities, playgrounds, building maintenance, renovations, site planning, mechanical equipment installation and repair, painting contracts, lead paint removal and disposal, asbestos removal and/or encapsulation, demolition of buildings, landscaping, other environmental and engineering/building projects. As Project Engineer negotiated first with European and Turkish Architectural/Engineering firms for consulting work, then negotiated with Turkish building contractors when plans and specifications were complete, and finally inspected work-in-progress, approving payments, and administering change orders. Projects included a major renovation for the base Civil Engineering building, a paint shop, a restaurant, aircraft hangar renovation and additions, airstrip repairs, new main gate and entry renovation, other projects.


  • As Contract Programmer at Incirlik AFB, produced funding documents which would ultimately be part of the funding request package sent to the U.S. Air Force in Europe (USAFE). Wrote statements of work, prepared cost estimates, work schedules. Instrumental in gaining over 35 million dollars funding for various environmental and engineering projects.


1989 – 1992 – Eaker Air Force Base, Blytheville, Arkansas


  • Environmental Technologist/Installation Restoration Manager at Eaker AFB, Arkansas. Instrumental in readying base for closure, including assessment and mitigation of underground storage tanks; base wastewater system; EOD Range; gasoline station; firing range; flight line facilities; runways; water supply system; base housing and dormitories; aircraft hangars; golf course; eating facilities; cleanup hazardous waste; abate asbestos; other projects.


  • Project Manager for 7 million dollar base housing renovation project at Eaker AFB, Arkansas.


  • Project Manager for the base environmental management plan and the environmental action plan at Eaker AFB, Arkansas. Assisted in the transition of the service agent (HAZWRAP to AFCEE); established work schedules and cost estimates for RI/FS, RFI/CMS and base closure plan; responded to any local authority, private citizen, or media queries regarding base environmental issues. Established and chaired the Environmental Coordinating Team (formerly the Technical Review Committee) on behalf of the Air Force, meeting regularly with the local mayor, judges, state and federal authorities, Air Force authorities, the media, and others. Worked directly with Base Commander, Base Civil Engineer and Deputy Base Civil Engineer in above work.


Prior to 1989


  • Extensive project management experience in many building systems, including concrete frame, steel frame, wood frame (residential), composite structures, and factory-built components and modules; and in many building types, including single family detached homes, apartment buildings (high, medium and low-rise construction), banks, restaurants, metal buildings, airplane hangars, roads, airstrips, schools, churches, grain bins, outdoor movie facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, a community theater, college housing, more. Experience in construction specification writing, contracts, working drawings, real property finance, construction inspection, and real estate sales.




Construction & Construction Oversight • Design

Project Management • Technical Writing

Contract Administration • Presentations









Currently restoring a 1906 home in the historic district of Milton, Florida.





Joined the U.S. Army after graduating from the University of Memphis in 1966. Served in Vietnam in B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 13th Artillery, 23rd Group. My unit was a 105 howitzer battery and I served in Fire Direction Control (FDC). While in Vietnam, my unit supported the Army 25th Division, the First Division (Big Red One), the 196th Infantry (Black Horse), and Special Forces. Our area of operation was the “Iron Triangle,” a dense jungle area northwest of Saigon, very near the Cambodian border. This area had been used by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army for many years. My unit and those listed above were heavily involved in “Operation Junction City,” a search and destroy mission. This was the largest, one of the most violent, and one of the most significant operations of the war. I received two bronze stars (meritorious service) during my tour in Vietnam.






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