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Customer’s Name and Address

U.S. Air Force, 16 CES/CEV       

415 Independence Road

Hurlburt Field, Florida 32544    (850) 884 4651


Project Name and Location

Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Plan

415 Independence Road

Hurlburt Field, Florida 32544


Contract Number

Project & Task Number:  MP1143-01


Brief Description of Project

Hurlburt Field, Florida is a large quantity Hazardous Waste generator as defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the State of Florida.  The plan produced under this contract establishes the policies and procedures for the management of hazardous and state-regulated wastes at Hurlburt Field in accordance with Federal, state, and Air Force requirements.  The plan also contains guidance for the handling of Special Waste (used oil, PCBs, etc.), Universal Waste (batteries, fluorescent lamps, thermostats, pesticides, etc.), and Other Wastes (compressed gas cylinders, refrigerant oils, military munitions, etc.).  State inspections have found Hurlburt Field to have one of the best waste management systems in the state.


Type of Contract: Fixed/variable


Firm Fixed Price


Nature of M&P’s



M&P Services International Corporation functioned as the subcontractor for Bhate & Associates and was responsible for all technical work.

Point of Contact, Address, Phone & e-mail

Katherine L. Russell, President

7725 Sunfish Lane

Milton, Florida 32583

Tel: (850) 529-8734


M&P’s Project Manager and Responsibilities


Ms. Russell was the overall project manager, and coordinated field activities, interviews, and document preparation.


List of Subcontractors Used (including % of participation)




Period of Performance


May 2001 through August 2001


Completion Date

August 2001


Project Cost

$ 15,000


Problems Encountered and Corrective Actions Taken


No significant problems and no corrective actions needed.   Project completed on schedule.




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