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FEMA Disaster Housing


Customer’s Name and Address

U.S. Dept of Homeland Security/FEMA    

Florida Long Term Recovery Office

36 Skyline Drive

Lake Mary, FL  32746                                


Project Name and Location

Cross-Florida Disaster Housing Maintenance and Deactivation

Throughout the state of Florida


Contract Number

Contract No. HSFEFL-07-D-0041

Brief Description of Project

As part of its disaster relief effort for 2004/2005 hurricane season, FEMA installed thousands of mobile homes and travel trailers in Florida.  At the time of contract award, M&P was tasked to maintain approximately 1,000 of the remaining temporary units state-wide.  The scope of work required the regular maintenance of each unit to ensure that they were in a safe and habitable state until the eventual deactivation of all units.  M&P cleaned most of the units and transported them to one of two designated staging areas.   Approximately 50 mobile homes were donated to individuals and were relocated.  Since the counties involved in the relocations were no longer “disaster areas,” M&P was responsible for obtaining and following all local building permit requirements.         

Type of Contract: Fixed/variable

Firm Fixed Price


Nature of M&P’s


M&P Services International Corporation, functioned as prime contractor

Point of Contact, Address, Phone & e-mail


Katherine Russell, President

7725 Sunfish Lane

Milton, Florida 32583

Tel: (850) 529-8734

M&P’s Project Manager and Responsibilities


Ms. Russell was the overall project manager and coordinated all field activities.   


List of Subcontractors Used (including % of participation)


Period of Performance

December 2006 through December 2008

Completion Date

December 2008


Project Cost

$ 4,300,000

Problems Encountered and Corrective Actions Taken


No significant problems and no corrective actions needed.  Project completed on schedule


    Contact us

    7725 Sunfish Lane
    Milton, Florida 32583
    USA           Tel: (850) 529-8733   



    M&P Services International Corporation