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Environmental & Engineering Services


M&P -- a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) -- was founded in 1999 to meet a growing demand for efficient, creative, and cost-effective environmental and engineering consulting and contracting services.  The firm’s expertise ranges from the protection and development of natural resources to developing data management systems. We also have extensive experience, both personal and professional, in handling natural disaster management and cleanup; we are Florida residents and our experience with hurricanes goes back to "pre-Ivan" days--in fact, as far back as Hurricane Camille. 


Professional Services:  M&P provides total environmental engineering and scientific consulting services including the design, troubleshooting and installation of pollution control systems; contaminated site investigations and cleanup; environmental audits; training (Water & Wastewater Operations, Hazardous Waste Management, Emergency Response); environmental permits; regulatory analyses; preparation of routine and special environmental reports; liaison with regulatory agencies; management of public affairs; UXO clearance and removal; archeological support; and IT services including GIS and data management systems. We have worked in Turkey, Okinawa, Germany and the United States.


Environmental Contracting:  Turnkey project management for environmental projects including asbestos survey, remedial design, and abatement; PCB equipment removal/retrofill/replace-ment; UST removal and cleanup; contaminated site remediation and closure certification; and pollution control equipment design, construction, and operation. We have worked for the Corps of Engineers, FEMA, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marines, civilian governments, and other entities.


M&P will quickly assess the scope of work, prepare any necessary plans and specifications, inspect the work in progress, and certify project completion or clean closure.


Technical Services:  M&P offers skilled technical services support of engineering design and investigation projects, laboratory field services, sampling and plant operations support.  These services are wide ranging and include:  land surveying and topographic mapping; archeological investigations; site security and Homeland Defense testing and support; UXO clearance and removal; GIS & IT technical support; environmental sampling, including wastewater, storm water, ground water monitoring, soil sampling, flow measurements and solid/hazardous waste sampling. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods will be dealt with quickly--and round-the-clock if necessary.

Consulting And Contracting Services


M&P has decades of practical experience in the field of environmental management.  This experience makes us especially suited to provide a wide range of turnkey environmental services.  


We can take virtually any engineering, environmental, or disaster(s) task from conception to completion including, as necessary: preliminary investigation, engineering design, remedial construction, systems installation and integration, all the way to completion. Our wide range of disciplinary experience will be very helpful in dealing with disaster projects, especially where more problems than simply removing debri, trees, destroyed structures, etc., are involved.




Environmental Contracting Services


  • Disaster Relief and Mitigation
  • Disaster Management
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Emergency Response
  • Demolition
  • Field Measurements & Data Collection
    Technical/Office Support
  • GIS & IT Support
    Health & Safety Services
  • UXO Clearance Services
    Archeological Services
  • Environmental Sampling



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